Ozzy Road

The Leadership Team
The Eldership

Marilyn Smith : Elder

Marilyn is a gifted Preacher and Evangelist. She oversees our “Pray & Weigh” outreach. She is mother to Peter, Joe, Matt and Beth.

Simon Moore : Elder

As well as overseeing the Worship Team, Simon is also one of Ozzy Road’s worship leaders. He is married to Debbie (drummer) and has three children Joel, Naomi and Thomas Alfie.

Stuart Hinks : Elder

Stuart is responsible for the Coordination of Family Groups, as well as leading and preaching during our meetings.  He is married to Anne and is father to Lindsey, Peter and Esther.

Nigel Turner : Elder

Nigel has recently rejoined our Eldership team, whilst we are searching for a new Pastor. He is married to Amanda and has two children Harriet and Sam.

The DeaconsThe Officers
Gary AdamsPat Coverley (Secretary)
Derek CrossPeter Bysh (Treasurer)
Peter Hinks
Gareth Lloyd
Bryan Moore
Terry Rous