radical worship

Ozzy Road

We love radical worship!

At Ozzy Road we believe that worship is an overflow of the heart and that means being able to worship “in season and out of season”, being able to worship in good times and bad. We have a very mixed inner city congregation, and our worship style can reflect a “harder urban edge”.
We believe in being honest with God in our worship! We are a broken people, who are in constant need of God’s refreshing and healing, in order that we might be strengthened to go out and “preach the good news”. Our worship times can be “loud and rocky” or quiet and intimate. We believe that healing  takes place during times of worship.

We have a growing “spirit filled” worship team, that not only plays during Sunday meetings, but has also led worship at “City wide” celebrations and prayer meetings, have played in marquees and at open air events in Derby Market Place and also played “gigs” in the local Victoria Inn (under the name of Shore~) . Shore~ have also recorded their own CD entitled “River of life”.