Ozzy Road

At the beginning of 2004 the Elders met to consider the Ozzy Road’s “focus” for the year. The following five statement’s try the put into words “our passions”, the heart of Ozzy Road.

We want to be a people completely open to the working of the Holy Spirit, who are committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ “in ways that people understand!” to all ages and levels of society.

preach Good News, through speech, song and lifestyle

The biggest Alpha poster in Britain??

We see children and young people as the church of today.

We want to continue developing our Youth and Children’s ministry,
Develop/re-launch the “Family Services”
Preach goods news “in ways that young people and children understand!”
Continue to build up links with local schools
“Treasure Seekers” lead worship @ the Family Service

We want to reach out to those on the edges of society
and support other groups and individuals to do the same.

soup run, city centre evangelism, “Jumble Give-aways”
“Jumble Giveaway”

We are a city-wide church with a local focus, who work proactively with the body of Christ in Derby.

A local mission “focus” – the city centre area
Continued links with City Vision, City Centre Churches Fellowship

Early Morning in Derby City Centre

We open our building for the benefit of the community.

Both church and secular groups can use this resource
We are currently in the process of upgrading the buildings’ facilities